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--> Download here <--

Note: I don't have access to my main computer so I have not tested it. I don't know if it solves/improves anything. Use at your own risk.

If anyone needs it, that's the original version that worked for me (Win7 X64):

In both cases, just unzip and run setup.exe


Those that were interested in the group order should PM
me with the number of radios they want, the versions (UHF, VHF, FMS - If you want to use if with standard north american channel, this is UHF version)

Price will be under 300$ and shipping will be free within Canada.

I need an estimated number of radios to get the final price. To have the best price ever, we need 27 radios or more. The official announcement in regards to this, in collaboration with TechSeller's business ( who's specialised in radios and other tech suppliers,, will follow shortly.

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