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JoeFriday is the brain behind the Props Canada fiasco

JoeFriday is the brain behind the Props Canada fiasco

An investigation amongst several local players has yielded information that proves that JoeFriday is the man behind the Props Canada fiasco.

JoeFriday aka Serpentor aka Greg Auch aka Greg Tully aka Props Canada aka Movie Props Services still has many outstanding debts to the Props Canada debacle (we have an entire forum dedicated to the airsoft scam of the century.)

All current customers of JoeFriday, would be recommended to contact him immediately to request a refund or have their product shipped immediately. We can not say whether he will run with your money or not, but given his past track record, it's best to be safe than to be sorry.

Greg, Thanks for showing your face in the community again. It's good to know that we can still get you for all of the money that you owe to your debtors.

You have 30 days to come up with products or a refund for your past debtors from the Props Canada deal. If you do not come forward with the money and/or products by this time, you WILL be reported to your CFO as well as the RCMP for breach of the terms of your business firearms license. You've had more than enough time to collect the funds to pay back your debtors... it's been quite a number of years.

For anybody who wishes to acquire ANY of Greg's contact information, feel free to contact one of the staff members - it has all been acquired through PUBLIC sources. Once Greg's 30 days are up, ALL of this information will be posted in this thread.
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