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Question about buying airsoft guns.



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Old February 20th, 2023, 19:22   #1
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Question about buying airsoft guns.

It has been awhile since I bought a new one. I bought some a long long time ago online. I have an RPAL and own a couple of pistols and I want to own the licensed airsoft version of it. Only place I have seen it sold is redwolfairsoft which is probably based in hongkong.

Is it possible to buy one outside of Canada and have it shipped here, or did Bill C-21 totally stopped this? Thanks in advance.
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Old February 20th, 2023, 22:16   #2
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Pistols are notoriously hard to import because of Canadian FPS restrictions. The pistol must shoot OVER 366 fps with 0.20g BBs. Most stock pistol don't shoot that hard for obvious security reasons (mostly used in CQB), so to import them in Canada, they are usually fitted with longer barrels to increase their power. Fitting a barrel takes time, and the barrel costs money too, but its the only legal way to do it. So if the store is ready to do it, it should be possible to import it, but in reality, you are betting on the whim on the CBSA officer that will have your gun on their desk on a random day. Some people have been screwed and have had Canadian legal airsoft guns destroyed or returned to the store. Others have had to wait years for their airsoft guns to be released from the CBSA. You should always import from a Canadian store. This being the general section, I can't list options because the site still requires us to hide links to airsoft stores in the age verified section.
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Old February 21st, 2023, 12:53   #3
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Thanks Drakker
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Old March 13th, 2023, 15:05   #4
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Always wondered what would happen with parts for pistols that need to be serviced.
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