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Manually programming the Puxing PX-888


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Old August 14th, 2011, 01:26   #1
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Manually programming the Puxing PX-888


I finally took the time to write down how to manually program the PX-888 radios. I posted this up on my local forum but I know that several people here have them too. Any feedback if you encounter newer models, etc. is appreciated.

A. Initial Setup
B. Program Frequencies
C. Dual Channel Mode

The PX-888 comes in UHF and VHF versions. The operation is identical when programming.

When I write "turn knob" I am referring to the knob in the top middle of the radio, which changes channels when they are programmed.

NOTE: You can NOT program a channel name until you have stored the frequency into a numbered channel (like channel 50). Until you do, MENU options 23 and 24 will not show up.
A. Initial Setup

1) Beep - Turn off the keypad beep
MENU-turn knob to 9-ENTER-turn knob to OFF-ENTER-ESC/M

2) Time out Timer - This stops your transmission after a period of time which helps in the event of a stuck microphone. I like a 45 second timeout but the choices are increments of 30 seconds on the PX-888
MENU-turn knob to 12-ENTER-turn knob to select the number of seconds-ENTER-ESC/M

3) Set the radio voice to English or turn it off - I like the voice to be on because when I wear a headset I can just turn the channel knob and hear what channel I am on.
MENU-turn knob to 14-ENTER-turn knob to select ON-ENTER-ESC/M

4) Roger - This makes a beep after you stop transmitting and lets people know you purposefully ended the transmission (helps to tell if you got cut off)
MENU-turn knob to 22-ENTER-turn knob to select ON-ENTER-ESC/M

5) Select your frequency step - Some frequencies require a different step, like 12.5 KHz.
MENU-turn knob to 20-ENTER-turn knob to select the step-ENTER-ESC/M

B. Program Frequencies

1) Go into Frequency mode
Press ESC/M until you see two frequencies on the display with NO channel number on the left side (for example you will not see "M" over the number "45" for channel 45

2) Enter your frequency
Enter your frequency using the keypad

3) * Set the transmit power (low=.5watt, hi=5 watts VHF and 4 watts UHF)
MENU-turn knob to 4-ENTER-turn knob to select L or H-ENTER-ESC/M
* NOTE: When you change the transmit power, it will remain that way for all newly entered frequencies unless you change it, so if all of your frequencies are the same power you only have to set it once!

4) **Set wide or narrow band - Unless you are talking with old radios, you will use narrow band. If you do not set narrow band then you will sound garbled to those who do have it set.
MENU-turn knob to 21-ENTER-turn knob to select N-ENTER-ESC/M
** NOTE: When you change the bandwidth, it will remain that way for all newly entered frequencies unless you change it, so if all of your frequencies are the same bandwidth you only have to set it once!

5) Set your CTCSS code (sub-channels). You should never use sub channels, but if you really have to you will have to refer to a CTCSS/PL tone chart like the one here:

For BOTH transmit and receive as the same:
MENU-turn knob to 16-ENTER-turn knob to select the CTCSS tone code (like 67.0)-ENTER-ESC/M

For DIFFERENT transmit and receive:
MENU-turn knob to 17-ENTER-turn knob to select the RECEIVE CTCSS tone code (like 67.0)-ENTER-ESC/M

MENU-turn knob to 18-ENTER-turn knob to select the TRANSMIT CTCSS tone code (like 71.9)-ENTER-ESC/M

6) Store the channel - Stores your frequency in one of the 128 channel banks:
MENU-ESC/M-either turn the knob to select channel or type it on the keypad using a leading zero for numbers 1-20-ESC/M-ESC/M (that is the escape key twice)

7) Name the channel
MENU-turn knob to 24-ENTER-
- Turn knob to select a letter
- Use the pound key # to move to the next character to the right
- Use the ESC/M key to erase your character
-Press ENTER to store

Use the ESC/M key to change the frequency display - you can set it to the channel name and channel number or channel name and frequency for example.
C. Dual Channel Mode

All PX-888 radios have the dual frequency function. They can receive two channels and transmit on one. Note that the transmit channel is not a primary channel, so if the secondary channel is receiving and someone transmits on the primary channel, you will NOT hear the primary transmission.

To enter or exit dual frequency mode:
1) Turn the radio off
2) Hold ENTER and turn the radio on

To change which frequency is primary (the primary will be either A or B)
1) Hold down the MENU key and press the TRANSMIT key on the side of the radio.

NOTE: Whichever channel is primary you will see that letter in front of the active channel and the other letter will not be displayed at all.
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Old August 20th, 2014, 18:18   #2
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how do you reset the puxing 888 so that I can reprogram them correctly
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Old August 27th, 2014, 02:06   #3
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Originally Posted by Penny62 View Post
how do you reset the puxing 888 so that I can reprogram them correctly
I just happened to see your question and thought I would lend a hand.

To reset all frequencies hold the menu button and turn the radio on, It should display "RESET?" press enter until "VFO?" is shown on the display; push enter again to confirm and this will reset the unit.

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Old August 30th, 2014, 08:59   #4
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Very Helpful and much appreciated. I found it easier than the manual too.
Originally Posted by FirestormX View Post
I know that isn't really what you asked, but it's the internet, and I like to type things that don't matter.
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Old April 8th, 2015, 21:58   #5
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Thank you.. You made that so much easier.. Great job
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Old April 9th, 2015, 21:01   #6
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10/10 .. thank you sir
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Old April 10th, 2015, 17:51   #7
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Moderators - May I ask you to sticky this thread? Eagle Driver's distilled programming guide is an excellent reference.
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Old April 27th, 2015, 08:41   #8
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I figured out how to do this on my own, but ever time someone needs there new radio set up they ask me and I have to figure it out all over again. Thanks this made it easy
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Old June 1st, 2016, 20:34   #9
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Puxing 888k

Im having some issues with my puxing 888k model dont seem to see a menu option for storing the frequency I enter? any help would be greatly appreciated as I have owned this radio for a year now and still have not been able to game it.... :-|
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