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DIY : KJW M4 GBB-R Magpul PTS PRS installation


Upgrades & Modifications

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Old August 13th, 2012, 20:00   #1
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DIY : KJW M4 GBB-R Magpul PTS PRS installation

Hey guys, since the MAGPUL PTS PRS stock is not a bolt-on upgrade to KJW, i decided to get myself a used AEG stock in the classifieds and did a quick
DIY for those who could be interessed in this stock. Please note I had the AEG version.

I work as a machinist and have plenty of tools and machines available, but I wanted to do this mod so the common airsoft player could attempt this mod so it is pretty simple and does not require a lot of specialized tools. A minimum of handyness is still required though .

Tools required:
- Center punch
- #7 drill (1/4-20UNC pre-drill size)
- 5/16" drill
- 1/4-20UNC Tap
- Benchgrinder (hand grinder could do the job too)
- Round file
- 1/4-20UNC 3 1/2" long bolt
- 1" copper tube (1" inside and 1 1/8" outside)

Step 0: Remove the KJW buffer tube, and take the KJW brass tube appart as well.

Step 1: Punch, Drill and Tap the 1/4-20UNC hole in the black nut that sits at the end of the KJW brass tube.
I drilled and tapped the nut from the inside, since it was easier to center punch and drill/tap on a flat surface.
Make sure to drill straight otherwise the bolt will not fit properly.

Step 2: Install the black nut on the KJW brass tube, and benchgrind the black nut to fit the brass tube's diameter.

Step 3: Cut the 1" copper tube to 9 1/4" length and file the edges so it slides onto the KJW brass tube.
P.S. Cut to 9 1/8" if you plan on using some sort of washer to hide the copper tube between the stock and the KJW lower body.

Step 4: Sand the KJW brass tube so the 1" copper tube can slide on.

Step 5: Bore the MAGPUL Stock's hole to allow the 1/4" bolt to get through freely.

Step 6: Install the copper tube, and then the magpul PTS PRS stock and secure with the 3 1/2" bolt that fits into the KJW brass tube's nut.

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Cool mod. Thanks for sharing.
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