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ILLusion Kinetics Custom Pistols



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Old March 17th, 2009, 10:41   #1
Nice Guy
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ILLusion Kinetics Custom Pistols

ILLusion Custom Pistol Parts Build - My own TM Hicapa 5.1

ILLusion Setup Life Counter

10 Mags = 280 BBs - And still kicking

Hello everyone part of the build is used from my own stock 5.1 Hicapa parts while the top slide is pretty much all ILLusion custom parts except for the blowback unit.

I would have to say switching to the metal unit definitely gave it a different sound and the weighting feels more balanced now. Instead of the stock capa being grip heavy now the tip weight balances it all out.

Pistol Specs:


- ILLusion Kinetics Custom Aluminum Kimber Slide (Durability above the rest of the slides I've seen)
- ILLusion Kinetics stainless steel one-piece Bull Barrel, .45 ACP
- ILLusion Kinetics aluminum Guide Rod Bushing

- TM 5.1 Hicapa Middle Frame
- Tanio Koba Hand Grip
- My own Gold painting of stock parts
(Finally got it right)

- Airsoft Surgeon Combo Kit - Recoil Spring + Nozzle
- PDI 6.01 TM 5.1 Barrel
- ILLusion Custom Lightweight Blowback unit

Quick Tips from ILLusion
- Cut the Airsoft Surgeon Recoil spring by at least 6-7 coils
- Make sure to lub the lugs in the slide and all contact points
- Use Loctite on the blowback unit screw for the piston head

Tips from Myself

Always remember if you have the Airsoft Surgeon recoil spring you must cut it and add loctite to that screw on the blowback unit that secures the piston head.

Reason why is if you don't the spring will be too strong and cause more wear on the slide and your blowback unit screw may be knocked out of place or in my case the the screw inlet threading was shred. That was due to my own impatience of just putting the whole gun together and just playing around with it.

Initial Review - Ownership Mar 17 2009 - About 2 days of ownership
(Will update whenever I can)

Parts Performance: Rating Excellent
The steel construction is wonderful, the parts work so well with each other and I did not have to do any fitment or dremmel adjustments. I was lucky that it just slipped right onto my stock 5.1 frame.

But be warned though as since the stock frames are all die-cast its not uncommon for one to come out slightly bigger than the others and may need to be adjutsed to fit properly.

It is best to buy the ILLusion frame for it so that it can cycle even more smoothly.

I use to play with crappy Guarder parts and they wear down and mess up the gun and you always have to do fitment and adjustment changes just to get it cycling 100%. While the ILLusion parts I just dropped everything in and it all works like butter.

Unique Features - Near the breach
There is a extra lug area in the slide that helps increase the durability of the slide and keep the outer barrel from bashing the blowback unit.

Will take a picture of it some time

Small gripes
The contact points near the breach and lug area shows some sign of wear after 200 rounds which is normal and eventually it may wear down so nothing is perfect

Don't expect this to be the panacea of permanent slide fix as you should know no slide lasts forever. But I can see this lasting much longer than my old Guarder crap of the past.
- Pistolero Steve -

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Old March 17th, 2009, 10:42   #2
Nice Guy
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Range Test - Rating Excellent

I am using that 10m Pistol test paper.

With the PDI 6.01 barrel and the recoil springs take some getting used to. But with the correct hop adjustments you can land your shots in the black circle.

I still have to adjust to using this unit as I always use the stock capa and my groupings are all averaged out into the last and 2nd last black circle.

Right now my shooting for the ILLusion setup is about
4 shots off the target
2 shots near the white circle 1 and 2 (Bottom left area)
And then the rest of the shots in the black circle
- Pistolero Steve -

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Old March 17th, 2009, 10:46   #3
Nice Guy
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Location: Markham
Gaming Review
Coming Soon

CAPS Reivew
Coming Soon
- Pistolero Steve -

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whats you email address
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will always be Mike Litoris in our hearts
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Why did you bring up a two year old thread to post that? Looks like account has been hacked.
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