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Airsoft Perks **COMPLETE**


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Old August 2nd, 2009, 05:32   #1
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Airsoft Perks **COMPLETE**

Hey guys!! I was looking around arnies and i found something really interesting. Airsoft PERKS!!!
original link is at the bottom of this post. To make things easier i have posted the perks at the in this post. The original post is at arnies(againn the original link is at the bottom) I will finish bolding the perks/info on this post tmr. S

-Post a link in your signature to this post, or of the original thread over here: so people know where to find them
-Keep them grouped one after the other, not as a list, otherwise signatures become very long and hard to scroll through, irritating many forum users. You can use Bold/ underline/italic/ brackets to separate them.

"-We welcome suggestions for other perks, or even correction/additions/changes to current perks, but please undestand that if we think that it is not in the spirit of the Perks, we will not add them to the list. This encourages FUN, NOT COMPETITION!
-Don't put perks in your signature that you haven't "earned". This is Airsoft, it's based on honour, and so are these perks. In the end, it's only you who loses if you "cheat".

Ex(*under signature*): [customizer][Friendly Fire expert]

Look at my sig for reference.

Here are the perks!

Legend: -Perk Title,Minimum requirements,Signature syntax

-Friendly fire expert, Minimum 2 friendly kills/1 round Friendly Fire expert - x Friendlies/1 round

-Engineering and demolitions Helped in building/renovating/ cleaning an airsoft field Engineering and demolitions

-Recon specialist has discovered a place suited to playing airsoft, which has since then become a usual site recon specialist- location

-Stealthy Has been behind enemy lines without being discovered for at least 30 minutes Stealthy-x hr y min behind enemy lines

-Hunted Killed by friendly fire a minimum of 3 times in a day Hunted - Killed x times by friendlies in 1 day

-Bloody BB Bleeding bb hole Bloody bb - "damaged area"

-Animal Attraction Player has been attacked by vicious dogs/cats/ rats/chickens/ polar bears during an airsoft game Animal Attraction - animal

-Weaponsmith Player has repaired an airosft weapon during a game Weaponsmith

-Navigation expert Got lost while playing airsoft and needed others searching for him in order to be found Navigation expert

-BB magnet At LEAST 10 visible bb marks after a day of airsofting BB magnet - x BB marks

-Blood donor At least 50 mosquito bites after a day of airsofting, incremental for future bitemarks, and signature is adjusted accordingly Blood donor - X mosquitos fed

-Tick collecter Tick attached to the player after a day of playing, incremental Tick collecter - x ticks fed so far

-Chameleon Having been stepped on/bumped into without being seen due to excellent camouflage Chameleon

-Ninja Minimum 3 knife kills in one day Ninja - x Knife kills

-BB leacher Had to borrow ammo from friends at least 3 times during one day BB leacher

-Vive la France! Was the first to die in every single game in a day( minimum 3 games) Vive la France!

-Cheap bastid Has not reloaded ANY of his magazines an entire day, Cheap bastid

-Got helmet but no brain Managed a loud BANG with his helmet into an innanimate object, that was heard a good distance Got helmet but no brain

-One shot, one kill Fired a single bb during a game, which resulted in a kill One shot, one kill

-Deadly Every single bb fired during a round of airsoft resulted in a kill Deadly ( x shots, x kills)

-Expert negociator Killed at least 1 hostage he was supposed to rescue Expert negociator - x hostages put out of their misery

-Bodyguard Killed the VIP he was supposed to protect Bodyguard - x VIP's protected

-Eagle eyes For players who spot the enemy before any of their teammates on a regular basis Eagle eyes

-Minigun wannabe For players who manage shooting at least 3000 bb's during a day of airsoft Minigun wannabe

-Pack rat 10+ magazines carried on vest/pockets/holders/pouches Pack rat

-Dedicated For people who keep their position guarding the objective even if the fighting/fun is somewhere else Dedicated

-Destroyer of Worlds Someone who has managed to demolish/destroy something which has been used over and over before with no problems(ex: bench, car, foxhole, etc) Destroyer of Worlds

-Tail end Charlie For players who always prefere the rearguard duty Tail end Charlie

-Last Man Standing Someone who has remained on the playing field at least 30 minutes after the game has ended, without realising it's over. Last Man Standing

-Sentry Constantly abbandons his post for something more intereseting Sentry

-Wile E. Coyote Make a great plan.. take the time to explain it in detail so everyone understands what their supposed to do, get in the perfect position, wait for the perfect time, sound the attack.. and watch your team get slaughtered in no time. ]Wile E. Coyote

-Minelayer Found laying "smelly mines" on the field Minelayer

-Sugar rush Always running, always in action,not always with good purpose Sugar rush

-Humpty Dumpty Well, you just GOT to fall off a wall to get this Humpty Dumpty

-Master Chef For those who get stuck cooking the hamburgers while the others are playing Master chef

-Salmonella handler Lets just say you don't ever want to eat somethign he's brought/cooked... ever again Salmonella handler

-Human shield Someone who managed to "catch" every bb in a long burst, leaving the others behind him untouched Human shield

-Geardo Every possible equipment,in it's proper place,tagged, sorted and assorted Geardo

-Brainiac Innovation for gameplay which has since then been adopted on a regular basis(rules/special scenarios,etc) Brainiac - description

-Suicide bomber Suicide by grenade,claymore, or other similar device which alsoo took out at least 1 enemy. Incremental for future similar kills. Suicide bomber - x infidels blown to bits

-Suppresion fire specialist Valiantly provides covering fire , too bad the weapon is actually out of ammo Suppresion fire specialist

- Lara Croft wannabe Dual wielding handguns on a regular basis, even if he/she has other weapons with which to play Lara croft wannabe - dual "pistol name"

-Neo wannabe Dual wield MP5/mp5k/uzi/mp7 Neo wannabe - dual wield "weapon type"

-Tourette syndrome sufferer Constant outbursts of less "socially accepted"/colourfull language Tourette syndrome sufferer

-Anthill impersonator Covered with ants in impressive amounts.. ouch! Anthill impersonator

-Sweet as honey Holds an irresistible attraction for bees/wasps.. double ouch! Sweet as honey

-Pyromaniac Started a fire during a game( intentionally.. or not) Pyromaniac

-Die hard Continues to play after a pretty severe injury( broken bone, lots of bruises/scrapes/cuts, head injury.. you get the point) Die Hard

-Calm under fire SOmetimes burst out shouting: " COME ON,FIRE GOD DAMNNIT, THEIR WIPING THE FLOOR WITH US!!ALL IS LOST! or similar Calm under fire

-Steady aim Fired and missed, from under 10meters, with the enemy in the open and even unaware of you being there Steady aim - x Misses at y distance

-Parasite "Can i borrow your spare?/ Got some extra gas mate?/ Got any bb's i can borrow?/ You got any more of those sandwitches?" Parasite

-Customizer Every airsoft gun owned has at least 1 custom, not "off the shelf" mod. Customizer

-Rudolf BB in the nose, resulting in a red nose for a while/ the rest of the day. Rudolf

-Quartermaster For those who always bring spare batteries/ guns/ bb's/ gear that they loan to friends in need Quartermaster

-Sleeping Beauty Fall asleep at your post? Put this in your sig Sleeping beauty

-Infiltrator Someone who's preffered type of play is to flank around the enemy and attack at their weakest point Infiltrator

-Silicon mouth BB's in the lips/mouth Silicon mouth

-Sinister smile Tooth,tooth, hole, half a tooth, tooth, tooth.. of course caused by 6mm cal plastic bb ammo. This is an upgrade for the Silicon Mouth perk, since you cannot get this without being hit in the mouth. Sinister smile

-Ripstop adept Huge tearing of the combat uniform, during gameplay.. usually resulting in it being unusable Ripstop adept

-Jinxed Gun fails critically while being fired( slide flies off, battery explosion, motor burning, stock breaks.. etc Jinxed

-Fragile Broken bone during a game Fragile

-Phone addict Ever got the perfect ambush position, and then get lit up as your phone rings exactly when the OPFOR is 10 meters away? Well, this is the perk for you! Phone addict

-Aww, nuts! BB hit in the groin, followed by hot/cold sensation, vomiting, abundant perspiration, and of course exquisite pain. Aww, nuts!

-Son of Rambo Constantly fires a SAW from the hip, even one-handed, with a fierce expression on his face while he annihilates the opposition in a rain of bb's. Son of Rambo

-Family man Played airsoft at least once during Chritmas or New Year'sEve Family man

-Guardian Valiantly guarded an objective for an entire game, without realising it was the wrong one. Guardian

-Amphibious operations At least 50% of clothes/body surface wet/muddy after an unplanned encounter with a hole/ditch/pond Amphibious operations

-Critical hit Got knocked out by another player, an unseen beam, a pole, or another object( by accident of course, we do not condone violence Critical hit

-Deceiver Got mistook for a friendly by the opfor, and used that to get close and score a knife/bang kill( It must be because of the enemies' lack of attention, not by cheating) Deceiver

-Spider sense Constantly gets surprised and taken out, without even being able to fire a shot.( does not include random events from well camouflaged enemies, that happens to all of us.. this is for "one of those days") Spider sense

-Small Bladder Taken out while "using the restroom" during a game Small Bladder

-Tunnel rat For the players who are always sent in through the windows, holes, tunnels, etc., usually because of their small size and agility Tunnel rat

-Gun nut Number of airsoft replicas >=10 Gun nut -"nr replicas"

-Banzaaaiii Favourite tactic, RUSHING!! Banzaaiii

-Celebrity Took part in a MAJOR international event - Berget/ Op. Irene, etc Celebrity

-Fire in the hole! Owns and uses on a current basis at least 3 airsoft hand grenades Fire in the hole! - "nr if it's >3"

-Death Dealer Someone who constantly buys and sells airsoft replicas Death Dealer

-Pimped Gun Owns the weapon that everyone on the field wants to try/hold/ fire/get his picture taken with Pimped Gun- weapon

-Radio Spy Just "happens" to find the enemies radio frequency every single time.. really, it's a miracle! Radio Spy

-Lucky Stepped into/ fallen into( god i hope not) "fertilizer" while playing airsoft Lucky - X times

-Cliffhanger If there's a tall tree/ building/ elevated ground on the battlefield, thats where you'll find him Cliffhanger

-Tactical Reloader In the heat of battle prefers to let the mag drop to the ground for a faster reload.. you can always come back and pick them up, right? Tactical Reloader

-Hippie Played a whole day of airsoft without scoring a single kill Hippie

-Sculptor Insane rate of fire, uses exclusively replicas tuned for maximum RPS Sculptor

-Plastic inhaler BB goes into the nostril, comes out same place, or through the mouth ( i've seen it, it can be done.. hurts liek hell tho) Plastic inhaler

-Moses- burning bush Wow, look how pretty that bush burns.. should i put it out?.. Nah, lets get the next one started Moses - burning bush

-Discard after Use Lets his spent/damaged/useless in CQB primary weapon on the ground and finishes the attack with his sidearm/secondary.. why carry dead weight, right? Discarded after Use -X times so far

-Yummy! Swallowed a bb..either on purpose or not Yummy-"nr of bb's"

-Combat journalist For those who like to film/ take photos while the others are playing Combat Journalist

-1 of 300 For those who hold off a vastly superior force for a long period of time 1 of 300
So people understand the true meaning of this perk, it is inspired by a game where 17 people held a building complex against 70 for one hour, when the time ran out, there were 4 defenders and 2 attackers left. Don't use it lightly, please.

-Village *tart Someone who is switched from team to team as the day goes by Village *tart

-Troublemaker Every game, something goes wrong.. you get lost, forget your spare mags, get the briefing wrong.. Troublemaker

-Combat Engineer Dug foxholes, trenches, carried sandbags, and generally helped to build a defensive position DURING a gameCombat engineer

-Combat medic For those of us who have offered first-aid to a fellow airsofter who sustained a real injury during a game Combat Medic

-Spoils of war Carried off by the opposite team, usually as part of a scenario where prisoners are taken Spoils of war

-Speedy Gonzales Player blessed with superior speed and agility, who puts them to good use getting where he is needed most on the battlefield Speedy Gonzales

-Treasure hunter Perk for those who frequently find things lost by others( or themselves) during airsoft games. Includes things lost on previous games. Treasure hunter

-Possum Plays dead, lets the enemy get close... and lets them have it.(This must be done by taking advantage of the enemies' lack of attention, not by bending game rules/cheating!) Possum

-Mule Player who always carries mags/ammo/gas/ gear for others in combat Mule

PERK NR. 100
Mad Max Sawed off , double barreled shotgun.. need i say more? Mad Max

New Perks!:
-Epic Teamkill Manage to kill at least 4 friendlies with one burst/in a short timespan Epic Teamkill

-Butterfingers Inadvertently killing yourself or teammates with a badly-thrown or dropped nade Butterfingers

-Chairsofter spend more time on the forum/internet than actually skirmishing Chairsofter

-Advance Payment Spends money on airsoft guns or kit before earning it Advance Payment

-Holy Trinity Getting a pistol kill, knife kill and grenade kill in the same round of the same game Holy Trinity

-Dance, F**ker Dance! run through heavy enemy gunfire unscathed Dance, F**ker Dance!

-Death or Glory take part in a all-out, whole team, head-on rush of the enemy position, where all or most of your team gets slaughtered Death or Glory

-Perfect Timing ruin an ambush by any sort of conspicuous action be it sneezing, moving to scratch an itch, laughing, etc. Perfect Timing

-Drill Sergeant assist a new airsofter throughout their very first games for an entire day Drill Sergeant

-Rock with your Glock listen to music ON the field, while playing Rock with your Glock

-Noble Sacrifice Constantly volunteer to draw fire away from your team/squad but keep dying every time you do so Noble Sacrifice

-Living the Dream Wear a sci-fi outfit to an airsoft game (IE Star Wars storm trooper, Master Chief, Helghast, Jin-Roh, Star Trek, Umbrella Corp) Living the Dream

-Puppeteer Successfully draw a sniper's fire by placing your helmet on your gun or a stick and waving the helmet just above the window sill Puppeteer

-David and Goliath Knifekill a SAW gunner David and Goliath

-Polar BearPlunge Play airsoft in the winter wearing summer clothing Polar Bear Plunge

-Skinny Dipping Play airsoft without a shirt on Skinny Dipping

-Sam Fisher kill someone while hanging upside down Sam Fisher

-Picasso You usually apply face camouflage before a game Picasso

-Boomshot! Kill an unsuspecting enemy with a grenade launcher Boomshot! (not recommendable, but funny enough to make it in here)

-OMGWTFBBQ!! be on the receiving end of aforementioned shot OMGWTFBBQ!!

-Lawnmower As a SAW gunner, kill 5 or more enemies in one burst Lawnmower

-Clash of Titans As a SAW gunner, engage in a suppression duel with an enemy SAW gunner for at least 3 minutes Clash of Titans

-I Mean Business either likes to rack his weapon's charging handle/slide a lot, or every time he reloads he racks the charging handle/imitates real steel function I Mean Business

-Maestro Communicated using only military hand-signals for one entire game Maestro

-Drama Queen Impersonates actually getting hit with a bullet when hit with a BB Drama Queen

-Pretty Fly For a White Guy You like shooting your gun sideways.. alot Pretty Fly For a White Guy

-Divine Intervention Confront an enemy who shoots at you and something goes surprisingly wrong - his gun jams, vents, has no bullets/no gas/no magazine, etc. Divine Intervention

-Terminator Without dying, unsuccessfully hunt an enemy, defeating all opposition in your path to them Terminator

-Wise Old Man Constantly sought after for your advice regarding airsoft, and are a well known member of the community Wise Old Man

-Sweet thang! Requirements: be a female, play airsoft. Yep, that's it! Sweet thang!

-Euthanasia as a Medic, kill an enemy that is calling for their Medic Euthanasia

-Quadruple Bypass as a Medic, heal a team-mate while under fire from at least 4 enemies Quadruple Bypass

(note: you can only have one of the 2 following perks, as they are opposites describing your general performance as a medic):
-Hypocritical Oath while playing as a Medic you usually have more kills then people healed Hypocritical Oath

-First Do No Harm while playing as a Medic you usually heal more people than kill enemies First Do No Harm

(note: you can only have one of the 2 following perks, as they are opposites describing your general preference of weaponry):
-Party Member For those who love the eastern block type replicas, and use them almost exclusively ( Ak's and such) Party Member

-Fortunate Son For those who love the western built replicas, and use them almost exclusively( M14/16, Mp5, HK, etc) Fortunate Son


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ok im not sure if this is an open call to make new ones so if you want i will remove this, but i read this list and came up with a few.
-NO WAY? :get hit by a one in a million shot (arched shot,out or range,no line of sight,)
-acrobatic: successfully preform a roll or flip to get out of the line of fire
-Gun slinger: get more kills in a game with a sidearm then a long arm- ratio of side arm to long arm
-APC: drove a full load of people+gear to a game
-P.O.W: force an enemy to surrender (not mercy) and take him prisoner- # of people taken
-pig nipples Mchuman shield: your team consistently sends you out first
-caught pitching a tent: set up a sniper perch, only to be taken out from behind.
-Cretchien: play as the vip and take the gun off of a bodyguard and protect yourself- # of kills as vip
-Team of one: hold a Objective by yourself with at least two people trying to take it- (min) you held out
-massive mag fail: every mag you are carrying fails (wont feed misfeed) - # of mag
like i said if this wasn't an open call i'll remove it and im open to better names
load out:
-Discard after Use 5 times so far-Calm under fire-Quartermaster-Tactical Reloader-I Mean Business-NO WAY?-Cretchien3-

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sure no problem. feel free to add to the list
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Feeling lucky? Survive a game, equip only a revolver with no reloading. Also prior to shooting an enemy you must recite the fallowing quote :

I know what you're thinking. "Did he fire six shots or only five?" Well, to tell you the truth, in all this excitement I kind of lost track myself. But being as this is a (your airsoft revolver), the most powerful handgun in the world, and would blow your maskclean off, you've got to ask yourself one question: Do I feel lucky? Well, do ya, punk?

Well do you?

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I like them. I know I qualify for a few of them already.

Visit us at
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Nice, very good find, but one more comes to my mind :

-Poker face Compelled an enemy to surrender when his gun was empty, or otherwise non-functionnal Poker face

I wonder if those things are goingto be the next gun signatures

Dragunov and Stolichnaya,
Smirnoff and Kalashnikov
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I don't get what people love about perks/achievments

"Someone in a Prius tried to race me at a stop sign the other day. I couldn't believe it. I had him for the first 100 feet or so but I can only walk so fast."
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asexual lumbricus terrestris
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Insomniac: not sleeping for 24+ hours before a game.
Which I've done quite a lot =D
Originally Posted by Deftonius View Post
I'll bet Ronan was the one who sent that email.
Originally Posted by Wilson View Post
The chinese steal everything. Haven't seen an original idea come out of that country yet.
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Isn't "Perk" the wrong term here? These are more like achievements are they not? I thought I'd see rewarded advantages to players on the field or something. Anyway, cool list!
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NeverEndin Battle= Fighting with the wife to goto a game,Leaving your cell phone in the car so you dont have to fight at the game and you guessed it fighting with the wife about the game after the game........... this happens quite alot at my house...hehehe

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Perks list is COMPLETE. FEEL FREE TO ADD MORE! Don't forget to bold the Perk Name Underline the requirements IT the Signature Syntax
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I was expecting something TOTALLY different when I read "PERKS" in the title...

...maybe I'm just an old perv...

...yeah, I must be.

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Originally Posted by 808 View Post
I was expecting something TOTALLY different when I read "PERKS" in the title...

...maybe I'm just an old perv...

...yeah, I must be.
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Originally Posted by R.I.T.Z View Post
- Insanity plea: Known to ramble on, ignore rank structure, and cause chaos on and off field.
I think the perks would look better if its like this...

Ex(*under signature*): [customizer][Friendly Fire expert]
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