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Spring Comparison Chart
Angel, Airsoft Surgeon, Guarder, King Arms, KM,
PDI, PGC, Prometheus, Systema, Top Power
These springs were tested on a Tokyo Marui P90 TR using the following equipment, upgrades and conditions:
BB: Excel 0.20g
Piston: Systema Red Polycarbonate Piston (modified)
Piston Head: Systema Aluminum w/ Bearings
Cylinder Head: Prometheus
Cylinder: KM TN Taper
Nozzle: Systema
Spring Guide: Prometheus v2 w/ Bearings
Inner Barrel SystemA 6.04mm BS (335mm)
Chronograph: Shooting Chrony F-1
Average Temperature: 24.54 C
Hop Up: KM Triple Camber RH 55 set OFF
All springs tested were in brand new condition
Your results will vary from these published below. Different upgrades will provide different results. The data contained in this chart should only be used as a reference and as a comparison between springs. Not as a precise predictor of your results.
Spring Comparison Chart
by Brian Wong, aka ILLusion 2004
Tokyo Marui Stock Internals: 290 fps
Angel Airsoft Surgeon Fire Power Guarder King Arms KM PDI PGC Prometheus Systema Top Power Velocity (fps)
                1 Joule   307.435
    SP85               308.07
              MS90SP     312.725
        90M           315.05
            M80       325.2
      M90             327
120% 85-95m/s                   327.655
          120%         327.95
      M100             336.6
    SP90               339.15
              MS100SP     340.185
        100M           340.56
130% 95-110m/s                   340.745
  Stage 1                 354*
                M100   365.425
          130%         371.155
          140%         373.945
                  150% 383.4
              MS110SP     386.735
    SP100               387.005
      M110             389.24
                M120   392.355
        120M           393.255
          150%         395.45
                  170% 399.37
        130M           406.8
    SP110               406.85
140% 110-125m/s                   414.68
              MS120SP     420.555
          170%         420.65
                M120S   421.93
      M120             424*
  Stage 2                 427*
    SP120               428.53
            M130       436.95
        140M           443.66
                  190% 448.47
  Stage 3                 463*
King Arms M100 spring tested must be mispackaged from the factory. The test results yielded were exactly the same as the M90 and the springs even appeared to be physically similar.
* Velocities indicated with an asterisk were derived by obtaining velocities using Airsoft Elite 0.25g BBs through a Guarder Optical Chrony, converting the result to Joules, and then applying that work (J) amount to 0.20g for a calculated result.
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