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Review: WE Glock 17



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Review: WE Glock 17

This is WE's new GBB offering in the Glock variety. This particular model is based on the Glock 17 3rd generation, although the 4th generation is available (as well as the 18c version). Like many of the newer pistols that are based off of TM models, this pistol is a clone of the popular Tokyo Marui designed G17. Disassembly and reassembly is the same as the TM model.

External Quality
The pistol comes with a metal slide, metal threaded outer barrel, and polymer lower frame. The slide feels like pot metal but has a nice dark satin finish. The polymer lower is a lighter shade of black than the original TM frame. What is most noticeable about the slide is that it is more blocky than the normal Glock slide. Shown in the picture against other Glock slides, it gives the gun a much more square look. The WE Glock feels just as solid as a TM or KSC Glock. The trades are WE's own design and are cleanly engraved into the pistol. The magazine well has a loose tolerance and although it does not let the magazine wobble while inserted into the gun, the magazine free falls from the gun with ease.

With the hammer down, the trigger stays in the forward position and is still able to be depressed. This is unlike the TM model which leaves the trigger in the rearward position. The magazine has a silent fill valve and the and falls freely from the magazine well. The gun is labeled for 275 fps with .2g bbs on green gas/propane. The magazine is able to fire all the rounds while still being able to have the slide lock back.

Marui Compatibility
This is the main reason that I purchased this pistol. The magazines are cross compatible. The WE slide functions on the TM frame but is very wobbly. The TM(PGC) slide was too tight and did not fit onto the WE frame. The internals look almost identical but I assume there will be a tolerance issues between the two.

This pistol was purchased so that I would be able to take to games at paintball fields and not have to worry about it getting all filled with paint and sand. It seems like a solid secondary right now but I can't give a real opinion until I have gamed it.

Small shooting video shooting ten rounds at about 285fps. This was shot in a room which was about 18 degrees. Having shot less than 40 rounds through, I cannot yet comment on the durability or reliability of the gun.

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