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Custom AUG to AR magazine adapter


Upgrades & Modifications

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Old October 1st, 2008, 22:46   #1
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Custom AUG to AR magazine adapter

Here is what a lowcap, some plastic parts and a lot of time to spend brings.

I forgot to take pictures in the process, but still.

I took an AUG lowcap.
Marked where the magazine was entering the magwell.

It is a little under the first rib at the top.

Then I also marked where to cut the magasine.

I choose to leave about 3/4" to have a good firm joint between the AR well and the mag.

Then I disassembled the inner and outer section of the magasine.
Cut the shell with a dremel tool.

Then cut the inner section.

I then took the lower section of a 2 pieces hop-up from a JG M4.
I had to cut the little tabs to make it fit inside the AUG mag shell.

Then, I cutted the inner section of the AUG mag. The inner section is made of a box shaped section (where the spirals and spring are housed) and some tabs on both sides to keep everything in the center of the mag shell.

I have to remove a square section just in front of the front tabs. That ways, the "tube" going to the retaining pin and to the gun was just shorter.

I had to remove just long enought to clear the M4 tube. The smaller section that enters the magazine has to be futher than the rest of the modified AUG magazine.

Right now, if you place the whole assembly in the magwell, then push an AR mag on it, you can feed the AUG with the M4 mag.

I dremelled the ribs on both sides of the AUG mag and used some plastic sheet to make a magwell.

Used some RC part that was left over and a pen spring to make the catch (similar to the one on a PP G36 adapter).

With a bit of epoxy/JB weld, I finished the assembly.

A coat of paint and here is the result.

Took me about 2 hours to complete:

I find that a VN style mag is fitting better.

It is better to use a highcap, since about 10 bbs are wasted when removing the mag (because of the long feed tube)
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Old October 1st, 2008, 22:49   #2
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Nice work man, very innovative. Although I think the full size M16 mag sticks too far, but it looks really nice with vietnam style.
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